Learn How to Rappel

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Rappelling is for everyone! Experience the exhilaration that comes from descending down a rope over a tall cliff face. Your trained rock climbing instructor is there to teach you proper rope handling skills, safety mechanisms, and rappelling types.


When you exit the class you will have the experience of multiple rappels and should feel comfortable knowing how to stay safe at the top of a cliff with technical and non-technical means. You will also learn how to extend the rappel, perform as a backup safety system, and how to connect yourself properly using a backed-up personal rappel system.


No experience necessary.

Gear provided:

Climbing harness



Static lines



Group first aid kit

Personal Gear:Synthetic clothing layers
1-liter water bottle

Trip Duration:3 hours
All trips are on Eastern Standard time

Fitness Level:All abilities

Price:$69 per guest