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Learn How To Use a Map and Compass  

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Learn land navigation techniques in this beginner class! You will learn how to practice reading and understanding the keys and representations on a topographical map. You will also learn how to use a compass with a map to better understand how the two work together.


Other navigation concepts we will practice or discuss include:

True and magnetic north 

How to find and set the declination on a Suunto M3 compass 

Take and shoot compass bearings

Practice plotting a route on your map 

Following a plotted map route 

Triangulating your location with a map and compass


Boxing off

Using handrails

Equipment Provided:

Suunto M3 orienteering compass 

Topographic map



Group first aid kit

Personal Gear:Synthetic clothing layers
1-liter water bottle

Trip Duration:4 hours
All trips are on Eastern Standard time

Fitness Level: All abilities

Price:$69 per guest
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