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Chattanooga Guided Adventures

Chattanooga Guided Adventures is an outdoor recreation guide service in Chattanooga. We have tours and classes in outdoor rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, backpacking, hiking, and navigation, all tours are fun and beginner-friendly.

Chattanooga Guided Adventures seeks to awaken a lifetime passion for the outdoors in everyone. Our tours also highlight some of the best spots for outdoor recreation in the Tennessee, Alabama, and North Georgia regions.  

We offer flat water kayak tours that take you to Nickajack Bat Cave a spectacular natural wildlife area where 100,000 gray bats emerge from the cave at sunset to fly around your kayaks and hunt insects on the Tennessee River. 

We also offer self guided stand up paddleboard rentals. You rent and we we drive you upstream 5 miles and you paddle back with the current through downtown on the Tennessee River. In Chattanooga and want to rent a stand up paddleboard SUP, mountain bike, kayak, or camping equipment overnight to fully enjoy the best town ever? We have you covered and we offer delivery to your door.
Up for a little more adventure, meet us in Alabama at Sand Rock for our beginner outdoor rock climbing classes, led by some of the most skilled rock climbing instructors in the southeast. 
Tired of never knowing which way to go at a trail intersection, take one of our map and compass classes.

Want to find out if you like sleeping in the forest under the stars? Join one of the beginner backpacking classes. 

We also have professional kayak instructors that will teach you the proper way to paddle on your very first experience. 

All guides are Wilderness First Aid or Wilderness First Responders, additional instructor certifications are held from the American Canoe Association, American Mountain Guide Association, and the League of American Bicyclists.
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