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Downtown Chattanooga Sunset Firework Kay

Kayak and Bike Tours

Kayakers waiting for gray bats to exit the cave on theNickajack Bat Cave Kayak Tour with Chattanooga Guided Adventures
Nickajack Bat Cave Sunset Kayak Tour

Join us to see endangered grey bats begin their nightly hunt for insects! The Nickajack Bat Cave and Wildlife Refuge on the Tennessee River is the summer roost for up to 100,000 of these animals.  These trips run from late April to early October. Enjoy a 3-mile paddle around Nickajack Lake to the cave entrance during which you may be lucky enough to observe such local treats as osprey and bald eagles. Take in the thrill as thousands of bats leave the cave at dusk. 

Six kayakers leaving the Chickamauga Dam Lock on the lock through kayak tour
Chickamauga Dam Lock Through Kayak Tour

Try the unique guided experience of a beginner-friendly kayak tour that paddles into the top of the 80-year-old lock at Chickamauga Dam and out the bottom 50 feet below after 1 million cubic feet of water is released from under your kayak into the lower river.  

Chattanooga Fireworks Kayak Tour
Chattanooga Sunset Fireworks Kayak Tour

Everyone has something worth celebrating with fireworks! Our tour is a leisurely 3 hour tour down the Tennessee River. Enjoy the sights and sounds of downtown and a pyrotechnics display from the seat of your kayak. See local favorites such as the illuminated Walnut Street pedestrian bridge, the Tennessee Aquarium with its glass terrarium, and the cliff side Hunter Art Museum. Watch our sky turn red during sunset before it turns multicolored with fireworks.

Burgess Falls Kayak Tour
Burgess Falls Kayak Tour

Take a guided kayak tour to the base of a 130 foot tall multi-sided waterfall that plunges into the lake below. 

Thousands of american white pelicans on the sandhill crane kayak tour at hiwassee wildlife refuge
Sandhill Crane Kayak Tour

A guided kayak tour to see and hear all of the calls and dances of the wintering sandhill cranes. This is the best winter paddling trip in the Chattanooga area. 

Lookout Mountain Incline Railway Bike and Brews Chattanooga Guided Adventures
Lookout Mountain Incline Railway Bike Tour

Ride the Incline Railway up Lookout Mountain and hop on a bike for a leisurely cruise back down 7 miles on double track trails with almost no pedaling for an ice cream treat to finish your ride. This is the Chattanooga Version of the Virginia Creeper Trail. 

 Sandhill Crane Sunset Kayak Tour
Sandhill Crane Sunset Kayak Tour

A guided sunset kayak tour to see the wintering sandhill cranes fly back to the island before dusk to nest in for the night. 

Bike to Brunch

Join us on a beginner friendly bike ride along the Tennessee River Park to our favorite local brunch spot Hello Monty!   All bike equipment, guide, brunch and one classic brunch nonalcoholic beverage are included in this mid morning adventure. This is a great way to explore Chattanooga great local restaurants, the scenic river way, and to meet new friends.  Total trip time is approximately 3 hours. 

Incline Railway Bike Tour_edited.jpg
Incline Railway Bike and Brews

Book a bike tour that rides the Incline Railway up to the top of Lookout Mountain. Your bike ride will coast back down the trails of Lookout Mountain where you will finish your ride with a complementary Micro Brew or beverage of your choice at the TapHouse. 

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