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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs and Driving Directions

Where do we meet for our tour? Your pretrip email will have all the details of when to meet and a link to google maps to take you to the venue of your specific trip. 

Bat Cave Kayak Tour

Meeting Location:
June - September 28

After Sept 28th- May meeting location
Macedonia Boat Ramp
South Pittsburg, TN

Chickamauga Dam Lock Through Kayak Tour

Lookout Mountain Incline Bike Tour


Sandhill Crane Kayak Tour

Learn to Rock Climb

Tennnessee River Gorge Fall Colors Kayak Tour

What are your covid recommendations?
  If you have tested positive for Covid 19 within the last 7 days please stay at home and reschedule your tour. 

What time is my trip? All of our trips run on Eastern Time. So when looking at your confirmation emails or times on the websites everything is Eastern Time. 

The meeting location is in the Central Time Zone, which timezone do I go off? Many of our meeting locations are in the Central Time Zone, we operate all trips on Eastern Time.  So no matter which zone your trip located in the trip start time is always on Eastern Time. 
When do we need to arrive? Please arrive 10 minutes before the trip start time. This allows plenty of time for everyone to get checked in, and sign the digital waivers by the trip start time. All trips are run off of Eastern Time. 
What do I need to wear? We recommend synthetic layers that can be added or taken off depending on the weather conditions. Biking, hiking, and climbing classes must have a close-toed shoe, water classes need to have secure footwear that will not fall off in water,  and that has a secure heel strap.  In the cooler months of October-April having a synthetic long sleeve layer, a jacket, and pants is recommended for cooler days below 70 degrees. 

What if it rains? We run trips rain or shine. Our guides watch the weather predictions closely and we reserve the right to delay, shorten a trip, or cancel due to inclement weather, high water, or other concerns that may impact our guest's safety. If Chattanooga Guided Adventures cancels due to conditions above, you are offered a reschedule date, or a refund. Lightning and thunder will delay a trip 30 minutes after each occurrence. 

Do I have to know how to swim on water tours?  You do not have to be able to swim to participate in water tours.  You will wear a properly fitted life jacket at all times that will float you in the event you swim. We ask that you self-identify during check-in that you have limited or no swimming ability. 

Can I bring a camera?  Yes, just know there is the possibility of damage to the camera on all of the trips and classes that we offer.   

Minimum Age? All participants must be a minimum of 7 years old for kayak tours. 

Are there any requirements for the tours? Yes, kayak tours - participants must be between 50 and 375 pounds. In order to paddle a single person kayak you must be a minimum of 9 years old. We do have one tandem kayak for children under 9 with an adult paddler. Bike tours - participants must be 12 years old and be a minimum of 4 ft 6 inches tall. 

Are gratuities accepted? Yes, a great job can always be rewarded and our guides will certainly appreciate your kindness. 

Alcohol and Drug Policy? Alcohol and drugs are not allowed before or during any tours or classes. If you are found to be under the influence you will not be allowed to go on the trip or will be removed from the trip and no refund will be given. 

Tobacco and Vape Policy? No Tobacco products of any kinds are allowed on the guided tours. 

Single or Tandem Kayak? We have three tandem kayaks and the rest of our kayaks are all single. 

Sit inside or Sit on Top Kayaks?  All of our kayaks are the style where you sit inside them. This style paddles better through the water, is more stable due to a lower center of gravity, and allows more protection from the sun, wind, and rain. You also get better comfort due to the adjustability of the seat and outfitting of the kayak, as well as a lighter kayak on the water. 

Can I bring my own kayak?  No, many of our trips involve transportation of kayaks and equipment and we don't transport personal kayaks for insurance reasons. This is why we use some of the best kayaking equipment in the industry we clean our equipment daily to give you fresh professional gear. We want to make sure you have a great experience with great gear even when you aren't using your own. You can however use your own US Coast Guard Approved Lifejacket and kayak paddle if you would like on any trip. 

Can I use my own bike for the Incline Railway Bike Tour?  No, we setup bikes for your tour well in advance of you arriving and again use some of the most amazing and modern mountain bikes, helmets, and equipment in the business for your comfort, enjoyment, and safety. Bikes and equipment are cleaned after each use so you can expect top of the line clean equipment on every Chattanooga Guided Adventures Tour.   You are welcome to bring and use your own bike helmet if you like. 

What is your Cancellation Policy? 
Up to 14 days from the trip if you cancel you will receive a full refund. 

Between 13 and 4 days before your trip, a refund will be processed,  minus a $20 per person fee.

72-49 hours before your trip there is a 50% refund.

There are no refunds 48 hours from your trip start time.  

If you need to reschedule your trip for any reason, you can reschedule up to 48 hours before your trip start time at no cost.  There are no refunds or reschedules less than 48 hours from the trip start time. 

No shows for trips are not eligible for refunds or reschedules.
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