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Trek Roscoe Rental Mountain Bike
Scott Aspect 950 Rental Bike
Rent a mountain bike!
In Chattanooga for a few days and wanna ride the awesome network of trails in the area? We have you covered rent a mountain bike package from us and we will deliver it to your door or to a local trail-head. Lock it up when your done, give us a call and let us know your finished,  we pick it up, its that simple!

Price includes:

Complete equipment for an awesome Chattanooga mountain bike trip. Your choice of a 

Trek Roscoe  27.5+ wheels, 130mm fork,  11 speed,  hydraulic disc brakes, and dropper seat  

Scott Aspect 950 29 in wheels, 100mm fork, 18 speed, hydraulic disc brakes 

1 All Mountain MIPS Bike Helmet

1 Key-less Bike Lock 

1 Tube Replacement Kit

Personal Gear:

Synthetic clothing layers

1-liter water bottle


$89  for 24 hours

$149 for 48 hours

$209 for 72 hours

Free Delivery and Pickup:   

In Coolidge Park

Custom Delivery and Pickup Fee: 

within 30 miles of Chattanooga $50

We can deliver and pick up to your house, Airbnb, VRBO, or trailhead.

Chattanooga Local Trail Systems... there are over 120 miles of trail within 30 minutes of Chattanooga. 

Stringers Ridge - 0 miles Distance from Downtown Chattanooga  8+ miles of single track with some gravel connections

Highly Trafficked trail system in Downtown Chattanooga consisting of lots of short single track sections that quickly climb and descend mostly (Green) trails.  This trail system has some of the tallest berms in Chattanooga for those that like that sort of thing. 

Walden's Ridge Bike Park (Opens Spring 2023) - 8 miles Distance from Downtown Chattanooga  located in Red Bank, TN     8+ miles of downhill trails

Progressive downhill bike park, mostly (black) downhill trails with jumps and rocky terrain. Most advanced riders will shuttle these trails with other riders,  though there is a climbing trails for those with the legs and lungs to go back up or a ebike.  A small parking lot will be found off the W Road for those shuttling to the top with more parking at the bottom.

Raccoon Mountain - 8.7 miles Distance from Downtown Chattanooga    Located in Chattanooga along I-24    20+ miles of single track 

A mix of technical and flow trails with easy shuttle access of the entire mountain from East Overlook down to the boat ramp via the (Black) Trails of Livewire 1 and 2 or (Blue) Electric Avenue to (Blue) Laurel Point to (Black) High Voltage. There is almost always someone at the boat ramp willing to shuttle and ride with you if you only have one car.  More intermediate to advanced riders will really enjoy all of the drops and jumps this trail system has to offer especially in (Black) Upper and Lower Chunky Trails. Newer riders have the limited options for green trails of Electric Ave 1 and 2. Intermediate riders will enjoy Small Intestines, East Rim Trail, and the Switchyard Connector Trails. 

Raccoon Mountain drains really well and usually can be ridden the day after a rain event. 

Enterprise South Nature Park -  17.7 miles Distance from Downtown Chattanooga     Located in Chattanooga near Hamilton Place Mall     20+ miles of single track 


Chattanooga's best beginner friendly trail system, great amenities such as a visitor center and toilet at one of the Black Forest trailhead, paper maps of the trail can be found at many kiosks, the parks is frequently patrolled by rangers so a since of security is found here like no other biking area in Chattanooga. Oh and the largest collection of green flow trails in the area with over 10 miles of (Green) Black Forest, TNT, and Logarithm and 8 miles of (black) Atlas Trail.  All trails at Enterprise can be connected together or each can be ridden as its own shorter loop. 

Trails are directional in nature going one direction for bikes on M,W,F,Sat and the opposite direction on T,TH,Sun.  Directional signs are placed at the entrance and exit points of each trail. 

Trails closure are announced on the via calling the phone number for Enterprise South. 

Booker T. Washington Trails - 11.9 miles from Downtown Chattanooga 8 miles of singletrack


Located off of Hwy 58 in Chattanooga, TN Rooty hilly technical trails with lake views along the way.  There are inner and outer loops. 

Harrison Bay Trails - 19 miles from Downtown Chattanooga   4.5 miles of single (almost double track) trails in some places with waterfront views most of the way. This can be a good spot for beginners but holds moisture for a really long time after a rain and can become and stay quite muddy throughout much of the year. 

White Oak Mountain Trail Systems AKA Biology Trails and Bauxite - 20.8 miles Distance from Downtown Chattanooga in Collegedale, TN at  Southern Adventist University with over 30+ miles of single track. 

All can have a good time here! There are plenty of green, blue, and black diamond trails that call this trail system home. They have two spectacular downhill jump trails Cottontail and Nutty Buddy for those with advanced skills or those looking to learn to jump.  There are two of the hardest rock tech trails in our area at the top of the ridge for those looking to test their ability at riding over lots of rocks.

This network of trails drains extremely well and can be ridden the next day after a heavy rain. 

Lookout Mountain Network of Trails  Listed in order from farthest to closest to Chattanooga


This network can be ridden 30 miles one way from Cloudland Canyon State Park in Georgia the base of Lookout Mountain in Saint Elmo in Chattanooga, TN. 


Cloudland Canyon, Five Points, Lula Lake, Moonshine, Durham, Covenant College, Lookout Mountain National Battlefield, and Lookout Mountain Conservancy trail systems.  Wow! There are a lot of trails on Lookout!

Cloudland Canyon and CC Connector Trail  - 26.7 miles Distance from Downtown Chattanooga  Located in Rising Fawn,  GA     20+ miles of single track trail Flowy singletrack mostly smooth 

Five Points Main and Ascalon Trailheads  - Parking fee bring $7 cash   18-20 miles Distance from Downtown Chattanooga  Lots of variety on this 20 mile trail system.

Beginner friendly as well as intermediate and advanced riders will all find something to love in this trail system. Not to be missed is the Kettlebottom trail for all riders. The Torino Trail offers an old smashed Ford Grand Torino that can be jumped for those advanced riders with jumping skills. 

Fun flow, climbing, switchbacks, tight spine ridge rides, small jumps, and single track all can be had here on the top of the Lookout Mountain.

Lula Lake Trail Systems include Lula Lake Core Preserve, Moonshine Trails, and Durham Trails (opening soon)

Lula Lake Core Preserve Trails - 10 miles from Downtown Chattanooga 9+ miles of single track with amazing views overlooking the Tennessee Valley 1000 feet below on the Bluff Trail.  The highlight of this trail system is Lula Falls a 100 foot tall waterfall that can be seen from above while riding. 

Be sure to hit the Bluff-view and Jedi Trails.


Lula Core Preserve Trails can only be accessed by permit on the first and last weekend of the month, Moonshine and Durham Trails are open to the public 365 during daylight hours. 

Moonshine Trails - 10 Miles from Downtown Chattanooga 8+ miles of single track  

Limited parking but offers access to 8 miles of singletrack with creek crossings and boulder lined trails. White Lightning trail is not to be missed. You may not run into another person your entire ride on these trails. 

Durham Trails -  9 miles from Downtown Chattanooga 10+ miles of single track

Fun Flowy trails that connect to the Five Point Trail-system at the bottom of Kettlebottom trail. New Parking Areas are almost complete and the trail will open shortly. 

Lookout Mountain Conservancy 0 miles Distance from Downtown Chattanooga     7+ miles of heavily use trail


The Guild Trail starts in Saint Elmo and climbs Lookout Mountain on a double track gravel converted railroad bed with a max 7 percent grade. These are the trails to ride on a rainy day as they drain well. (Green) out and back trail.

Far Enough Trail tight rocky singletrack that climbs the mountain between a series of 30 boulders that rock climbers can be found scaling while you ride by. 

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