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Sandhill Crane Kayak Tour

Book a guided kayak tour at 1:30 pm to view the Sandhill Cranes fly back to the Hiwassee Island Wildlife Refuge. The cranes return each night to sleep standing in the shallow waters of the Tennessee River. Thousands or birds can be seen flying above and landing on the water surrounding the island.  This is a wildlife experience like none other in Tennessee. It is like paddling through Jurassic Park. Thousands of five foot tall 14 pound birds hanging out on the waters edge around the island flapping there wings and dancing. These social birds calls can be heard from over 2 miles away.  Sandhill Cranes have come back from the brink of extinction from unregulated over-hunting and are thriving on this overwinter adventure just outside Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Our winter paddle mittens, waterproof jacket, and drip skirt will keep you nice and warm out on the water.
We also provide hot chocolate or apple cider before your adventure begins. 
The Tennessee Sandhill Crane Festival is held on January 14-15, 2023. This is a great time to join us on a kayak tour as there will be plenty of free activities after your kayak tour for you to participate in.  The festival runs from 8 am to 4 pm daily.
Peak season for Sandhill Cranes is between the 3rd week in December to the 2nd week in February.  Nov and December is the peak season for viewing the American White Pelicans. 
Start or track your life list, the total bird list you have seen in your life, and help citizen science count bird populations in Tennessee after our tours with the eBird website and app. 
At the end of your trip and warm up with a complementary hot chocolate or cider. 
Equipment provided:
Group throw-bag 
Group towline
Paddle float
Group first aid kit
Kayak light
Additional Gear for Fall and Winter:
Neoprene kayaking mittens AKA Poagies
Drip protection to keep your legs dry

Personal gear list:
Short Sleeve Synthetic T shirt under layer
Long Sleeve synthetic shirt over the t shirt.
Bring a synthetic jacket as temperature can change frequently and it is nice to have a layer you can add if the temps cool off. 
Tennis Shoes or River Sandals with a back-strap like Teva, Chacos, or Keens with a pair of synthetic or wool socks. 
1-liter water bottle
Trip Duration:
3 hours
All trips are on Eastern Time
Fitness Level:
All abilities
$79 per guest
Arrive 10 min before your trip time to give yourself time to sign the waiver and get checked in with your guide. 
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