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Learn How to Outdoor Rock Climb

Book a Outdoor Rock Climbing Class Today!
Don’t let fear hold you back! Learn to climb in a beginner-friendly environment with a professional rock climbing instructor.  Your outdoor rock climbing class is held at Cherokee Rock Village the best beginner outdoor rock climbing venue in the Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia region. 


No “Free Solo” here! We follow AMGA industry standards to provide an enjoyable top rope climbing experience. Once you learn proper climbing techniques, climbing lingo, and safety measures such as knots and belaying, you will hop on the ropes and scale the cliff!


Participants will be provided plenty of climbing time, instruction, and encouragement in this class. This is a great way to experience something new and meet people who share your newfound love of climbing.

A typical day for a Learn to Outdoor Rock Climb Class


9 am 
Meet your guide at the trail-head get checked in and sign the waiver and go over a safety briefing. You will then be outfitted with your climbing gear for the day which includes, rock climbing harness, climbing helmet, belay device, carabiner, chalk bag, climbing shoes. Your guide will teach you how to properly adjust your equipment on your body. This is also the time your guide will inspect any personal climbing gear you may have brought with you. You are only allowed to us UIAA climbing helmet, harness, and personal chalk bag and climbing shoes. No other equipment will be allowed. 

9:05 am Hike the trail to the climbing wall practice setting up a mock EARNEST top rope anchor.

9:10 am Belay and Climbing Lessons 
Learn to proper safety techniques such as tying into the rope properly through the correct attachment points on your harness.  Learn to check all of the safety points on your climbing gear for wear. Learn to thread a belay device and proper pull brake under slide method of belaying and practicing catching falling climbers. Learn proper universal communication commands between climbing and belayers. 

9:45 am Climbing Time
Practice using all of your new found climbing safety procedures and climbing communications and start climbing multiple top rope routes of varying styles and difficultly levels. Make it to the top or just explore, climb, and enjoy. Ready to come down practice communication with your partner to lower from the cliff-line back to the ground.  We can coach you through varied climbing movements to help you conquer harder to do sections.  This is a great time to practice your route reading skills, energy conservation while on the routes. and just having fun. 

1:00 pm Equipment break down and hike out to trail-head.

Hike back out and return all of the gear. We learned and practiced a lot today enjoy the rest of your day! 

Price per $129 per person 
Minimum three people in order for the class to run. If there were not enough signups for your outdoor climbing lesson,  we reach out the day before to let you know if it is cancelled. 
Max 6 through online booking. 
Call ahead to schedule groups over 6 people. 

All trips operate on Eastern Time.


Gear Provided:

Climbing helmet

Belay device 


Chalk bag

Climbing shoes

Group first aid kit 


Personal Gear: Synthetic clothing layers
1-liter water bottle
Trip Duration: 4 hours
All trips are on Eastern Standard time
Fitness Level: All abilities
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