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Chickamauga Dam Lock Kayak Tour

Lock Through Kayak at Chickamagua Dam_ed
Try the unique guided experience of kayaking through one of Chattanooga's coolest attractions,  Chickamauga Dam! From the seat of a kayak,  you will paddle into the 120 ft tall lock and the massive gates will close behind you. Your guide will connect the kayaks to a moving anchor via a line on the side of the lock to secure all of the passengers on the trip.  
A Tennessee Valley Authority Lockmaster slowly empties the water in the lock from Chickamauga Lake into the Tennessee River below the dam. As the water empties the lock, you slowly descend into the depth of the lock to match the river level below the dam.  The massive doors in front of you open and your guide will lead you into the river where the paddling adventure continues on the Tennessee River with the gentle current helping us downriver.
You will also learn about the history of the dam and how it affected the surrounding communities on this guided tour.  Be sure to check out this trip soon if you want to try locking through the 84 year old lock.   Once the new lock is completed in 2026 the Tennessee Valley Authority will decommission the current lock, and our trip will start operating through the new lock which is two times the size of the current one.  This is a truly unique Chattanooga kayaking experience.


Price Includes:


Life jacket



Group throw bag 

Group towline

Group first aid kit

Kayak light

Personal Gear:

Synthetic clothing layers

1-liter water bottle

Trip Duration:

3 hours

All trips operate on Eastern Time

Fitness Level:

Easy fitness

Price:$79 per guest

Arrive 10 min before your trip time to give yourself time to sign the waiver and get checked in with your guide. 

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