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Cloudland Cayon State Park Backpacking C

If we were meant to stay in one place, we'd have roots instead of feet.

Rachel Wolchin

Outdoor Rock Climbing Class with Chattanooga Guided Adventures
Learn How to Outdoor Rock Climb

Don’t let fear hold you back! Learn to climb in a beginner-friendly environment with a professional climbing instructor.  No “Free Solo” here; we follow AMGA industry standards to provide an enjoyable toprope climbing experience. 

Learn How to Rappel Class
Learn How to Rappel

Rappelling is for everyone! Experience the exhilaration that comes from descending down a rope over a tall cliff face. Your trained climbing guide is there to teach you proper rope handling skills, safety mechanisms, and rappelling types. 

Cloudland Canyon State Park Backpacking
Learn How to Backpack Class 

Perfect practice makes perfect on this overnight backpacking class. Participants will experience a round trip overnight backpacking adventure. Enjoy viewing thousand-foot deep sandstone capped canyons, seasonal waterfalls, cascading creeks, and nature's best woodland flora and fauna.


Map and Compass Class
Learn How to Use a Map and Compass Class

Learn how to navigate! In this class, you will practice reading and understanding a topographical map and using a compass together. Practice taking bearings, triangulating your location, and many other navigations techniques used in backcountry travel.

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